Seaweed for a greener world

To our belief, seaweed is an important part of the solution for climate change because it is one of most versatile and sustainable crops to grow. Especially when we make smart use of space. We envision multi-use farms as the optimal synergy of nature, food and energy on the North Sea. Local, Dutch design, good for the planet and society.

Multi-use farms on the North Sea

The multi-use sea farm is a smart combination and forms the optimal synergy of nature, food and energy. A nature inclusive model that includes solar panels, wind turbines, seaweed production, shellfish. This way, we aim to have a vast impact on the climate crisis fo today and work towards a greener world with seaweed.

Our ambition

  • In the year 2030
  • 25% volume of the Dutch wind parks function as multi-use sea farms
  • Which comes down to 500km2
  • Yielding 10 million ton of fresh seaweed per year

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How to get there

Working towards a greener world may sound simple, but is quite complex. There are many different stakeholders and various forces at play. To focus, we defined three succes factors that we believe are crucial for achieving our goal. You can read all about them at our priority page.