Becoming a member

Most of our created knowledge is already open access, but we want to create a safe place to innovate as well. That is what the community is for. Plus, members of our community have extra scoops and liberties. Are you ready to join? 


Noordzeeboerderij is a non-profit organisation, however we do need to cover some community costs. That is why we ask a membership fee that is invested in accelerating and strengthening the sector. 

  • Start-ups/freelancers: €250 p/year
  • Small-sized companies (5-50 p): €1.000 p/year
  • Medium-sized companies (50-250 p): €2.500 p/year
  • Large-sized companies (>250 p): €5.000 p/year 
  • Research institutes: €2.500 p/year 

*Membership fees will be adjusted by January 1st 2020. 

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