Our team

Our team at Noordzeeboerderij consists of young pioneers who crave innovation and are committed to working on a healthier climate. From technology experts, to relationship builders, from market sensitives to straight-up science enthusiasts. Let's meet the team!

Eef Brouwers
Manager Farming & Technology

If we are going to build something, Eef is our guy. With an electrical engineering background, he knows his way in the innovation world. He needs innovation like oxygen. Eef was one of the first people involved at Noordzeeboerderij, he is mainly responsible for the primary production part and offshore operations. 

Koen van Swam
General manager & Public Affairs

Koen is our seaweed-octopus: knows all the in’s and out’s, but is far from a know-it-all. With a background in innovation, communication and ecology he connects people and businesses in the blink of an eye. Koen was involved with Noordzeeboerderij from the first hour and is concerned with general and public affairs.

Marlies Draisma
Manager Markets & Applications

Marlies is known for her market skills. Seaweed for plants, food, feed, pharma, energy: wherever there is an opportunity to increase the impact of seaweed, Marlies is nearby. She was present from the first steps of Noordzeeboerderij and has a background in Land & Water Management. This one is eager to learn new things every day.

Jasper Veen
Junior Advisor Cultivation & Ecology

Jasper, our hands-on ecological brain. He didn’t only study Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management, he owns it! Jaspers makes sure to get prototypes, SMAC-systems, seaweed & mussel farms in the water and reviews their ecological impact. He regularly visits the North Sea Innovation Lab for offshore inspections.

Lotte Bronswijk
Junior Advisor Food and Community

Lotte is our secret weapon in seaweed for food. Before, she studied Integrated Food Studies in Denmark covering topics from public health to food policy and food design. She focuses on the Seaweed Platform community and its activities, as well as food applications. Lotte is super committed to working on a greener world with seaweed!

Frederik Van Baelen
Project Employee Agriculture and Feed

If you say feed, you say Frederik. He has a background in Bio Inspired Innovation where he worked on fungi and biodegradable materials in the feed industry. With an eye for agricultural and feed applications (and birds!), he is mainly involved in the Bio4safe project, Working Group Feed and science related activities.

Zinzi Reimert
Coordinator North Sea Innovation Lab

Zinzi is a force to be reckoned with. Before, she worked as a system engineer on innovations for the energy transition, fitting her background in Structural Engineering. As coordinator North Sea Innovation Lab, she is responsible for activities and project development related to the multi-use of windfarms. Zinzi is multi-use in human form.

Femke Prins
Advisor Communication

Femke is our brand builder and marketeer. Straight forward and quite multi-use. With experience in working in agency environments and a degree in Communications and Designmanagement, she loves to juggle with copy and visuals. Previously, she worked for large commercial clients, NGO's, governmental institutions and museums. Always in for a tasty sea snack and some bubbles.

Mila Vlottes

LCA is short for Mila. At least, that is what we've come to believe. She'll find the lowest eco-footprint with her eyes closed. Her thesis (for the study Environment and Resource Management) for Noordzeeboerderij on the life cycle assessment of local seaweed cultivation for food ingredrient was incredible. As you may understand: we didn't let her go.