Grow further in 2020

What a year it was! The experiences we had together; highs and lows. Progress and setbacks. The biggest setback was losing one of the first pioneers. But the dream remains the same: build a sector that has real climate impact. And we'll make it happen. Without a doubt.

The progress made within the Seaweed Platform community was amazing this year. Four offshore (!) seaweed pilots that'll start next year in the North Sea with Seaweed Harvest NordSea and The Seaweed Company. A central role for seaweed in Dutch and European climate policy, like the Green Deal. The anticipation of multi-use offshore wind farms in the North Sea Agreement. Even a Dutch seafood ambition will be developed soon. And this is not all: there are many more great projects and progress that are worth mentioning here. Each and every one of these steps pave the road for companies and entrepreneurs to grow. The great part is: it has only just begun. There's so much to look forward to!

We can't wait to get started; to grow further in 2020. For and by the seaweed community. We need each other to build an impact driven seaweed sector.