Upcoming events for Seaweed Platform

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who filled in the Seaweed Platform satisfaction survey! We want to say: we heard you. That is why we updated the frequency and timing of our Seaweed Platform gatherings, like the Work Groups and workshops. Below, you'll find a new experiment to better meet your needs (we hope at least). 

Work Group meetings + Community drinks 

In 2020, we will organize three 'Work Group meetings + Community drinks'. We see an increased activity in our thematic Work Groups. These Work Groups come together a few times per year, discussing a certain topic or theme. To make the most of out of these meetings, we have clustered the meetings of these work groups in parallel sessions on specific dates. After each work group, there is an opportunity for every Seaweed Platform community member - also those not in a Work Group - to meet fellow seaweed collegaus during the Community Drinks. An informal, yet frequent opportunity to network and share knowedge. And to stay in touch with the community several times per year. The Work Group meetings will take place in the afternoon, approximately starting at 15.00 hrs, the Community Drinks will start at around 17.00 hrs. 

Seaweed Platform Workshop + Work groups 

Twice per year, we will organize the Seaweed Platform Workshop as you may remember from last year, combined with a cluster of the other Work Groups. This is the set-up similar to our last Seaweed Platform Workshop in October 2019: in the morning a few parallel thematic Work Groups; in the afternoon the community wide Seaweed Platform Workshop. This set-up is more extensive, bringing the entire sector together (including all themes and segments of the value chain). The Work Groups are planned in the morning, the workshop will start after lunch and will last until approximately 17.00 hours. 

Save the date(s)!

13 feb 2020: Work Groups+ Community drinks 
The first trial is on February 13th for Work Groups Food, Cultivation and Research. The Work Groups start at 15.00 hrs; drinks from 17.00 hrs and is open for all community members. Work Group members receive a personal invitation via mail; for the drinks afterwards you do not need an invitation.
Location: Stichting Noordzeeboerderij, Zeestraat 84, Den Haag

Other community events (subject to change) 

  • 16 apr 2020: Seaweed Platform Workshop + Work Groups
  • 18 june 2020: Work Groups + Community drinks
  • 10 sept 2020: Work Groups + Community drinks
  • 29 oct 2020: Seaweed Platform Workshop + Work Groups 

More info on the exact dates, times and signing up will follow soon. The members of Work Groups Food, Cultivation and Reserach will receive an inviation for the 13th of february. If you have any questions, or want to be invited? Please contact Lotte via lotte@noordzeeboerderij.nl.