Work Group Cultivation: towards sustainable poly-culture

In order to distinguish ourselves from others, we aim for this sector to be a frontrunner in seaweed starting materials. The better the starting material, the sooner we will get to commercially viable seaweed farming. That’s why we facilitate seaweed farmers in the Seaweed Platform to establish high-quality seaweed starting materials and year-round resilient cultivation systems. In order to achieve that, we formed the Work Group Cultivation in which members of the Seaweed Platform join forces in addressing this challenge. In 2019, the Work Group started with a small group of people from the Seaweed Platform community to get the group and topic started. Not only addressing technological insights and expand the expertise, but also to share insights on legislation and talk with regulatory stakeholders.

During the most recent meeting, on January 8th of this year, the group established a clear direction and its goals. The group aims to ensure the availability of sufficient seaweed starting material of high quality. Also, it aims to expand the knowledge on starting materials and improve seaweed cultivation skills: more yield with the same (or lower) quantities. Last but not least, the group aims to do to this in an ecological responsible manner, so that the developments of the seaweed sector are sustainable developments that strengthen our ecosystems and oceans. This also means getting an overview on seaweed species suitable for cultivation in the North Sea. 

Since the group is now filling in the plan of action, we invite other members from the Seaweed Platform community to join the acceleration in this Work Group. So: do you have a strong link with producing and improving seaweed starting material? Or are you strongly linked to seaweed cultivation? Feel free to join us in the next work group meeting on 13 February 2020. Let's aim for the best seaweed starting materials ever made.

Next meeting: 13 February 2020
For joining the work group or more information, contact Jasper via