Off to Paris for input on European algae standards

Croissants, Eiffel tower and algae? Yes! This week we were in Paris for discussing future European standards on algae and algae products. Researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders gathered to discuss the content of several Technical Reports and future European standards on algae (products). We are active in one of the working group as we consider it meaningful to represent the (Dutch) seaweed sector.

As an expert in the Technical Committee algae and algae products of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), we are joining the conversation on (possible) future standards for seaweeds and microalgae. In several different working groups - such as terminology, productivity, food and feed, and product test methods - experts from all over Europe are discussing what future standards are required and what information these should include.

On Monday, Marlies and Lotte were present in the working group meeting about specifications for food and feed sector applications. In this working group, a Technical Report is being generated. The report is an informative document providing an analysis of gaps in current standards and makes a recommendation for future standards. Over the last months, several Seaweed Platform members provided input for this document, which Marlies and Lotte discussed during the meeting. The final Technical Report will be ready at the end of 2020 and will be a guide for the actual standards on algae and algae based products for food and feed.

On Tuesday, a plenary meeting of the Technical Committee took place. Here, all different working groups came together to discuss the progress of the Committee. Since the meeting in Paris, the draft standard on algae identification has been shared and is now open for comments. Other draft standards, on productivity and sample treatment will follow soon. The algae standard on terms and definitions was already up for comments, so a final version is to be expected soon. Technical Reports on cosmetics applications, pharmaceutical applications and chemicals & biofuels are also in development.

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