Seaweed Platform

Connecting stakeholders since 2014

The North Sea Farm Foundation introduced the Seaweed Platform in 2014 with the aim to drive the seaweed industry in our region by cooperation between SMEs, large businesses, governments and research organisations. The Seaweed Platform connects partners in the agricultural, food, offshore and maritime industries, matching business with public affairs and intensifying the communication on shaping the seaweed supply chain.

The Seaweed Platform has partners spaced throughout the whole value chain and together, these partners jointly stimulate the development of the regional seaweed sector. The communication and cooperation is facilitated through workshops, organised by the North Sea Farm Foundation. Each workshop keeps members up to date on developments and covers a relevant topic in today’s seaweed industry, allowing space for partners to present their efforts and challenges. Furthermore, the Seaweed Platform has initiated and managed various focus groups aimed at making structural contributions to sharing and generating knowledge and expertise in the regional seaweed sector. The current focus groups include:

  • Working group for offshore co-use;
  • Designing and executing demonstration and upscaling projects (see ‘Test Farms’)

  • Working group for certification and food safety
  • Identifying the main issues of certifying seaweed products and assuring food safety

  • Working group for consumer acceptance
  • Stimulating consumer acceptance of seaweed



Membership of the Seaweed Platform offers the opportunity to jointly develop and shape the regional seaweed economy and your position in this new value chain. You will benefit from our wide ranging expertise, impressive network and communications and our support of your contribution towards a European seaweed industry that is sustainable but also economically interesting.

Parties that would like to participate in the Seaweed Platform are requested to formalise their membership by paying a yearly fee relative to the size or type of their organisation. The membership fee covers the workshops, secretarial expenses and supports innovation regarding the Test Farm sites as well as demonstration projects. In this way we can continue to support and encourage the seaweed industry.

Become a member of the Seaweed Platform

Organisation size/type                      Contribution

Company < 5 employees                     € 250 py

Company 5 – 50 employees                €1.000 py

Company 50 – 250 employees            €2.500 py

Company >250 employees                  €5.000 py

Government and NGO’s                      €1.000 py

Research organisations                       €2.500 py