Test Farms

Demonstrating the potential of seaweed cultivation

The Netherlands is renowned for its maritime, agricultural and horticultural technology development and it stands to reason that the same will be said for seaweed technology. The North Sea Farm Foundation has set up facilities required for the development and testing of such technology. In addition, the foundation has gathered vital expertise needed for upscaling sustainable seaweed production at sea.

Our efforts have resulted in two test locations on the Dutch North Sea. In April 2016, the foundation opened the Test Farm Texel where it is possible for members of the Seaweed Platform to start seaweed test projects. It is there where the North Sea Farm Foundation coordinated the efforts of members of the Seaweed Platform to cultivate of the first kilo of seaweed, Saccharina latissima, on the North Sea. Since then, another Test Farm was founded 15 nm off the coast of Scheveningen, covering 100ha. In April 2017, the Foundation successfully harvested the next 100 kilos of Saccharina latissima. The next phase of this project is to launch a cultivation module that will cultivate a 1000 kilos and will be the bridge to the co-use of wind farms.

The North Sea Farm Foundation also supports test projects initiated by members with advice, logistical issues, hardware and other services. If you wish to make use of the test locations, contact Eef Brouwers, head of operations.  

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