Seaweed for a Greener World


Production locations

The right locations for seaweed farms, is one of the priorities for successful farming on the North Sea. For safe assets, good growth and minimal spatial and ecological burden.

Farming & technology

Innovative technologies for high-quality and cost-effective breeding, cultivation and harvest is another priority. It enables optimal yields with a sustainable way of working.

Markets & applications

Serving and developing valuable markets is a next priority. For a healthy supply-demand balance, providing great seaweed products for people, animals and plants.

Seaweed for a greener world
3 priorities for success 

Climate change and the ongoing growth of the world population, challenge us to act different and shift from land to sea(weed). We envision multi-use sea farms to create the optimal synergy of nature, food and energy on the North Sea. To get there, we work with 3 priorities for success: product locations, farming & technology and markets & applications. 

Our impact

Seaweed is a very sustainable crop to grow. By making smart combinations between seaweed cultivation, sourcing clean energy and improve biodiversity, it can be even more sustainable. All at the same time in a multi-use sea farm. This is how we move towards a greener world with seaweed.  

4000 new, green jobs

To set up 1 billion euro impact driven blue economy, in and from the Netherlands.  

This requires new skills and talents, such as  technicians, engineers, farmers with a sustainable affinity. 


Free from using land surface, fresh or fertilizer when cultivating seaweed. 

Seaweed does not need resources that are already scarce. It is one of the most sustainable crops to grow.


Organisations that work together and exchange knowledge in one community. 

For faster and smarter developments in the seaweed industry. This  community is called the Seaweed Platform.

>1,5 million tons CO2

Reduction in the atmosphere, if we use and cultivate seaweed smart

Capturing CO2 in the surface water, using seaweed proteins in food products and reducing methane emissions as feed additive.

€80 million EU-research

All over Europe, people work together and invest in de seaweed sector.

We are creating new knowledge to apply better technologies and well suited applications.

2030 = 500 km2

The Dutch Climate Agreement supports the seaweed  movement.

The agreement aims de develop nature-inclusive farms within wind parks before 2030. We support the policy making and realization of the plans.

Working together
in the Seaweed Platform community

The Seaweed Platform is a community of front-runners, working together on innovations, knowledge and market developments. Everybody who wants to move towards a greener world with seaweed can join us in our mission!

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North Sea Innovation Lab

The essential part of making a change, is to act. That is why we initiated the North Sea Innovation Lab: an offshore lab of 6 square kilometres, 12 kilometres from the coast of The Hague. NSIL is accessible for everybody who wants  to do research,  set up pilots and test technologies. If you want to start commercial activity offshore, this is the place to start.

Groente uit zee

Cooking with ‘Groente uit zee’

A healthier climate can easily start in your kitchen: by cooking with seaweed! Take a look at our seaweed cookbook 'Groente Uit Zee' (or in English 'Ocean Greens'). It contains numerous recipes, preparation tips, information on seaweed species and nutritional value.